AddTabz Effects & Its Role As A Smart Drug


Looking for an effective non-prescription Adderall alternative? Need a cognitive enhancer that is both safe and effective? AddTabz, by Gentech Pharmaceutical, may be what you have been searching for…

When using Adderall, there comes a point and time when this stimulant is doing more damage than whatever benefits it gives. There is a possibility that your body may develop physical as well as psychological dependency with Adderall, especially if higher doses are taken for a longer period of time.

Therefore, Gentech Pharmaceutical has created a patented formula that gives you all the benefits of Adderall and other smart drugs without their side effects, addictive qualities and possible legal situations. To take a first hand look at this Adderall alternative click here.

An Addtabz Review And Background

addtabzAdderall is a widely used drug that is prescribed to treat ADHD in children, teens and adults. It has been found that teenagers and young adults take illicit doses of Adderall to lose weight, increase focus and stay alert during exams. However, Adderall is a prescription medicine that is associated with minor side effects when taken for a long durations.

Gentech’s supplement has shown to be a suitable alternative for Adderall, and provides safe, effective results. This Smart Drug is designed to stimulate your brain to increase its productivity and restore healthy brain function. The drug was originally only available with a doctors prescription (AddTAbz Rx), then later made available in it’s now popular over the counter formulation.

So, whether you are a student that needs to concentrate on studies or an employee who needs more focus at work, your search for an Adderall alternative could be over.

How Does AddTabz Work ?

The action of this brain health supplement is due to its proprietary formula. Gentech is known for his innovative advanced pharmaceutical solutions. The product also contains their patented formula- Ampheta-CDP.

Ampheta CDP is a unique blend of powerful nootropics and additional ingredients that work synergistically to provide superior results.

Octapamine HCL- Octapamine is a naturally occurring beta3 adrenergic antagonist. Octapamine HCL is known to increase the levels of phosphatidylcholine to support brain health, neuron function and cell membrane fluidity.

CDP Choline- Also known as Citicholine, this key ingredient helps in increasing the levels of brain neurotransmitters that increase memory, learning capacity and other cognitive functions.

1,3 Dimethylamylamine- This vital ingredient helps in improving cognitive functions in areas such as alertness, energy, focus and attention.

Caffeine – Unlike other supplements the amount of caffeine in this product is minimal. The trace amounts of caffeine in the product are used primarily as a catalyst to increase the effectiveness of other ingredients in the product.

Methyl Synephrine- A much superior derivative of Synephrine, Methyl Synephrine has great thermogenic properties, which in turn keeps your body physically active and energetic.

Pros and Cons of AddTabz

Pros: AddTabz increases mental energy, focus and attention. It is a non-prescription adderall alternative that gives you similar effects as Adderall without the commonly associated side effects.

Cons: The only drawback of supplement for some may be the price. Gentech Pharmaceutical has a reputation for quality. The ingredients contained in the product are pharmaceutical grade, unlike other products on the market. For this reason it is difficult to provide a quality product with substandard ingredients… so they do not.

Is The Product Safe?

Safety is the first concern for people who are using any new supplement. This supplement has been tested and verified to avoid all possible side effects. Additionally, ingredients contained in the supplement are FDA-approved.

Are There Any Other Adderall Alternatives?

There are a few other competitive products that are marketed as Adderall alternatives. The most popular products in the cognitive enhancers Niche are AddieUp, SPS Motivation and Profiderall. All claim to contain some sort of Nootropic blend, but they are different in terms of their price, performance and effects.

Why Should I Use It?

When it comes to choosing the best nootropic, cognitive enhancer, or Adderall Alternative there are two things that come to mind; first is effectiveness and second is safety.

AddTabz contains the right ingredients combined together in correct formulation to provide effective results without any nasty side effects. The product stimulates the mind and body by improving focus, attention and concentration.

If you would like to look into the product further, Click Here to find out more.

Gain Focus And Concentration With These Memory Tips

memory improvement

Strengthen your cognitive skills and learn valuable tips for increasing your memory capacity. While it may seem that there is nothing you can do to strengthen your memory as you age, there are actually a number of strategies you can adopt. This will ensure that your mind stays sharp, no matter what situation faces you and no matter how long you have lived.

If this is true for you, the best way to remedy the situation is to take a short break once every hour or so. This lets your mind unwind a bit. This can help your brain absorb information much better.

Study the information you are trying to learn in many different locations. This way, the information is not associated with a particular place. Instead, it becomes a part of you. By studying the material in various locations, it starts to become part of your long term memory.

To make your memory better, stop thinking about negative and unpleasant things. There is scientific proof that stress from suffering or negative thought can lead to increased memory loss. Speak to your doctor for advice to relieve your stress.

If you feel like you need help with your concentration or a higher ability to focus try addtabz. This memory enhancer helps your brain concentrate while giving it the nutrients it needs for better thought and over all health.

Brain Power

Just like you have to exercise your body to strengthen your muscles, you have to exercise your brain to strengthen your memory. Research shows that age-related memory loss is less common in people who regularly engage in puzzle playing.

If you’re looking for a memory boost, try working out! When you exercise, the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain is improved, and this keeps your brain healthy. Keeping your body healthy will help you keep a hold of your memory. One advantage exercise has in terms of memory is that it helps ward off diseases that often adversely affect cognitive function.

Memory games work well to hone your memory skills. Memory games don’t have to be a drag. Many engage your mind while help it remember things more clearly. Besides memory, these games can also help improve your concentration and attention. Many games like this can be played at no cost on various websites.

You could always jog your brain awake. This exercise will wake your brain once it notices your location changes, and once awake, your brain will be able to more effectively process information into memories.

Staying socially active can help keep your memory stay sharp. Interacting with others not only keeps your spirits up, it also keeps you alert. When you are depressed or lonely, your brain is not being stimulated and your mind is not getting the exercise it needs to stay sharp. Talking and interacting with friends, even if it is online, keeps your mind sharp and better able to remember things.

Transition Your Thoughts

When you are struggling to absorb new information, try associating it with information that is already well-known. When you build ties between new and old information, it will help you retain the new information in your memory. This not only helps you retain memories, but also speeds up the process of memory retention.

Don’t doubt yourself. It is assumed that your memory gets worse as you age. This does not have to always be true. Expecting that your memory will start to go can actually damage your memory. When others start doubting your ability to remember things, you may begin to believe them. Having a positive attitude about your memory can go a long way toward strengthening it.

By adopting the foregoing tactics, you can ensure that your mind is always up to the challenges you face in life. Strengthening your memory abilities enables you to communicate more effectively in both work and social settings. These tips will help you succeed and become more effective in many areas of your life.

Most popular Adderall Alternatives

Adderall Alternatives

addtabzAdderall can be described as a well known medication for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Adderall advantages and disadvantages have always been a hot topic of discussion in these days and various people have voiced different opinions about this psychostimulant. The critics are of the opinion that some people have developed an addictive tendency towards this medication after having used it for an extended period of time and the second allegation leveled against Adderall is that it invites a lot of side effects as well. Doctors will not advocate this medication for people with certain pre-existing medical conditions because it will aggravate the existing condition in a serious manner. All these aspects have played an important role in making Adderall alternatives extremely popular.

* Note: If you are looking for an alternative to Adderall or need something to help your focus and concentration then AddTabz maybe something that you want to look into.

All these negative aspects have adversely affected towards the popularity of Adderall and a huge number of people prefer Adderall alternatives with increased amount of enthusiasm. Top quality homeopathic medicines have come out in the market as effective replacement for this medication and the increasing popularity of these alternatives clearly indicate that the allegations leveled against Adderall carry some weight. The continuous occurrence of stressful events in daily life invites a lot of health complications and that is where the importance of cognitive enhancement comes in. Hectic schedules and laborious tasks take their toll on the mental as well physical health of people and keeping oneself mentally healthy in the midst of these stressful events has become an extremely different task. Some experts are of the opinion that Adderall can be an effective solution for Attention disorder or ADHD and it should not be used as a stress reliever. Here are some of the most popular Adderall alternatives available in the market:


Homeopathic medicine known as Attend has become an effective and natural Adderall alternative for a good number of people. The makers of this medication are of the opinion that the advanced nutritional formula makes this product really unique and this product contains a combination of 76 ingredients as well. A good number of people use this medication to address their learning and attention problems and the opinions of the existing users reassert the true quality of this product.


Adderall alternative like Profiderall can be used as an effective stress reliever and this medication can be used to improve energy level, focus and concentration as well. It is always advisable to use this Adderall alternative under the supervision for a medical practitioner like all medications.


Methylphenidate can be described as one of the most popular Adderall alternatives and it will get engaged in the process of stimulating the central nervous system with great efficiency. A good number of people consider this medication as one of the most effective solution for ADHD related problems and different brand names like Focalin, Ritalin, Daytrana and Concerta can be associated with unique medication. There is a possibility of having side effects like weight loss and irritability with Methylphenidate as well.


Dextroamphetamine is another well known Adderall alternative and great amount of similarity with Adderall can be traced with this medication. The price factor gives it a clear edge over Adderall and the most recommended dosage stands in between 5 to 30 mg.


Vyvanse can be described as a controlled-release medication that will solve the issues related with hyperactive behavior in the best possible manner. This medication can be considered as one of the best Adderall alternatives because the side effects associated with Vyvanse will be lesser in comparison with other Adderall alternatives and people will start experiencing the effects of this medication only when it reaches the digestive system.


A good number of people use Clonidine as an effective alternative for Adderall and special qualities like solving the problem of insomnia make it all the more endearing to a good number of people. The most popular brand name of this Adderall alternative is Catapres.


Strattera, one of the popular Adderall alternatives, is a non-stimulant medication and it works very slowly on the human body. If it is not used properly people may experience side effects like sedation and sexual problems.


All these medications have become immensely popular as effective Adderall alternatives and a huge number of people have been showing great affinity towards these medications because of the tremendous benefits involved with them.